About Me

I'm Rahul, a Game Designer with a Bachelor (BSc) and Master (MSc) degree in Game Design.  My specialties lie in Game, Level and  UI Design on Mobile to VR platforms.

Video Gaming has grown from a mild interest to an integral part of what defines me. I somehow was influenced by the people I saw and met which in turn helped me craft characters and stories that are almost surreal.  

I took quite a long time to discover my talent. The fact that such a simple idea that someone created could be molded into something so amazing and entertaining has always fascinated me. I wanted to make something that was mine, something that I had achieved. And the only way I saw to that was by pushing myself to be the best at what I do, which is designing games and providing a familiar yet unique experience.

My journey in the world of Game Design is just started as there is a lot more to add. This Portfolio is still in progress, so check for updates regularly!

Please feel free to contact me via email or discord. I would love to hear from you or even collaborate on something!


Discord: Rahul#9169